kathleen schulkins on December 10, 2011

everyone has a season they are going through in their life
your season may be unemployment, financial difficulties, depression, grief, hopelessness or homeless
first i want to tell you that there is a God and He is still on His throne even during trials

some of "my guys" have faced all the above and some have regained their hope
one of "my homeless guys"  was able to get the medical treatment he needed and was able to get an apartment
unfortunately he had COPD and he made the choice to continue to smoke
this past week he passed on
no it just wasn't the COPD, or not quitting smoking he had other major medical issues as well

when i speak at churches they want to hear a "good" ending about "my guys"
well is this a good ending or bad ending
i think it's both

it's good he regained a life
bad because he is gone