more thanks and more giving

kathleen schulkins on November 14, 2010

if you have no where to be on Thanksgiving and you don't want to be alone, please come to 1st church of God for our Thanksgiving meal.  You can help, you can eat, you can hang-out. Our doors will open about 4p.m.

the end of year will be here soon.  time to think tax deductions.  we are federally tax exempt - which means you can write off any donations and IF your company does matching contributions you are helping doubly.

judy and mike come thursdays - judy is more comfortable behind the scenes and mike makes the coffee.  thanks guys for coming to hhm faithfully for over 2 years

we have had a couple of college students from Messiah College in Grantham come and help serve.  Many hands = light work    thanks erica

this is more like a newsletter - there is so much that goes on at hhm everyday