kathleen schulkins on December 25, 2010

 Merry Christmas
thank you all for making Christmas a wonderful blessing to the homeless

curt, kelli, and family, from CLA,  brought gifts for "the guys" 118 bags filled and they brought long johns for everyone!
they were a part of the Christmas gift program for children of families that were unable to provide
lisa, tim and his family were also a part of the gifts for children - families were blessed
and tim - thanks for "cleaning" out the fridge - you are "un-fired" for forgetting to recycle and me having to dig in the trash for   recyclables
lisa thanks for hooking hhm to facebook and all the wonderful gifts from fb friends

jim washed dishes - good job jim
jessica dried dishes - she doesn't do that at home - lol o we have a dishwasher for that she reminded me
and sarah took photos - should be up in an album today
larry thanks for serving the turkey and ham,
shannon thanksfor bringing your fam and serving,
o my
i forget the husband and wife team that came down
forgive me- they served last night too -
if i have forgotten any! please forgive me
i do appreciate all who have donated this holiday season
blessings to all